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Positive: Subject + will be + Verb-ing + Object

Negative: Subject + will not + Verb-ing + Object

Question: (Will + Subject + Verb-ing + Object)?

I  will be sleepingI will not be sleepingWill I be sleeping
You will be sleepingYou will not be sleepingWill you be sleeping
She will be sleepingShe will not be sleepingWill she be sleeping
He will be sleepingHe will not be sleepingWill he be sleeping
It will be sleepingIt will not be sleepingWill it be sleeping
They will be sleepingThey will not be sleepingWill they be sleeping

Future Progressive Example

1. The Future Progressive is used to express an activity that will be in progress at specific time in the future.

⇢ Don’t phone at 9:00. I’ ll be having dinner.

⇢ Everyone will be walking to work next week as the bus drivers are on strike.

⇢ This time next week I’ ll be on holiday. I’ ll probably be lying on a beautiful beach.

2. We also use the Future Progressive Tense to talk about things in the future which are already planned, or with are part of a regular routine.

⇢ I’ ll be seeing my boy friend at the night club this afternoon.

⇢ I’ ll be going into town later on. Do you want me to get you anything from the shops.

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