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Here is the collection of most popular English phrases

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Practice and use them in your conversations.

  • Are you someone who feels super motivated,   or are you someone who struggles to get things done? In the following dialogue you will learn what to say when you just can’t be bothered to do something. Listen carefully!

Kelly: Do we really have to go right now?

John: It’s always good to be ahead of schedule.

Kelly: I’m too lazy.

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  • Do you know someone who loves to brag and talk about how great they are? In the following dialogue you will learn how to describe someone whose ego is bigger than their house. Listen carefully!

John: Did you hear what Sarah just said?

Kelly: Um, I think she just said that no one can defeat her.

John: She’s pretty full of herself.

  • Are you someone who stays calm in tough situations? Or do you get carried away with your feelings? In the following dialogue will learn how to describe this kind of explosive personality. Listen carefully!

Kelly: I’m so pissed off. What’s with her?

John: Watch your language.

John: You shouldn’t say that about anyone.

Kelly: I’m definitely a hothead.

  • Some people just radiate happiness and fun no matter what kind of situation that face! In the following dialogue you will learn how to describe these kinds of positive and happy people. Listen carefully!

John: I’ve been seeing Jane for about three months.

Kelly: What did you like about her the most when you first met her?

John: She had a bubbly personality.

  • Have you ever met someone who is hart to convince and never changes their mind? In the following dialogue you will learn how to describe people withe this kind of personality. Listen carefully!

Kelly: Let’s just go home today and tell Mr. Kim tomorrow.

John: No, we need to wait for him and get permission. That’s the rule.

Kelly: You are insanely stubborn.

  • Do you know what to say to someone who has great intuition? In the following dialogue you will learn an expression you can use when someone seems to understand a situation without needing a long explanation. Listen carefully!

John: I better go now. I have a lot of homework to do and…

Kelly: I know you don’t have anything to do!

Kelly: What are you hiding? Are you seeing someone?

John: You catch on quick.

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  • Are you someone who is picky and has a lot of needs? Or are you someone who goes with the flow? In the following dialogue you will learn how to describe an easygoing personality that doesn’t need anything fancy. Listen carefully!

Kelly: What dou you want to have for lunch.

John: What about you? Is there anything you don’t like?

Kelly: I’m super low-maintenance.

  • Sometimes  people want to bully and take advantage of you. In the following dialogue you will learn what say if you ever feel like someone is trying to bring you down and use you. Listen carefully!

John: Stop telling me what to do. Do you know how bossy you are?

Kelly: What are you talking about?

John: I’m not a pushover.

  • We all know people who can’t seem to control what they say. In the following situation you will learn how to describe people who can’t stop themselves from talking. Listen carefully!

Kelly: How did you know that I was selected as the scholarship student?

John: Everyone knows it. Jimmy was talking about it out loud hallway.

Kelly: He has a big mouth.

  • Some actors are well-know for their kind and easygoing personalities. They don’t even act like they’re famous!

Kelly: I love how she never brags about anything, even though she has everything.

John: I know. I heard that she also enjoys using second-hand products.

Kelly: She’s so down to earth. 

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