Simple Past Tense Positive, Negative, Question Examples

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•  I went. •  I did not go. •  Did I go?
•  You went.•  You did not go.•  Did you go?
•  He/She/It went.•  He/She/It did not go.•  Did he/she/it go?
•  We went.•  We  did not go.•  Did we go?
•  You went.•  You did not go.•  Did you go?
•  They went.•  They  did not go.•  Did they go?

Use the simple past tense to talk about things that happened in the past. The simple past tense is usually made by adding ed to the verb.

  • She opened the door and looked inside.
  • The plane landed fifteen minutes ago.
  • My uncle visited us last spring.
  • We walked to central yesterday.
  • He laughed when I told her the joke.

If a verb ends in e, just add d to make the simple past tense.

  • Who closed all the doors?
  • We lived in that house when I was a kid.
  • He smiled when she saw me.
  • We raced each other on our motorbikes.

If a verb ends in y, change the y to i before adding ed.

  • I carried my dad’s shopping bag.
  • My sister cried when he fell off her bike.
  • We hurried to the station to catch the bus.
  • Dad tried to help me with my homework.

With some short verbs that end in a consonant, you must double the consonant before adding ed.

  • I climbed over the fence and ripped my t-shirt.
  • The uncle grabbed my arm.
  • The cat wagged its tail when it saw the milk.
  • She slammed the door and walked off angrily.

Simple Past Tense Examples

  • An old lady walked with her dog.
  • She finished all the exercises.
  • I went to the hospital yesterday.
  • Two boys played with a ball.
  • They bought 3 tickets for the Barcelona match.
  • Dr Brown healed the patient.

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