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I work.I do not work.Do I work?
You work.You do not work.Do you work?
He/She/It works.He/She/It does not work.Does he/she/it work?
We work.We do not work.Do we work?
You work.You do not work.Do you work?
They work.They do not work.Do they work?

Verbs have forms called tenses that tell you when the action happens. If the action happens regularly, sometimes or never, use the simple present tense.

  • They always wash their hands before meals. 
  • Julia sometimes lends me her bike.
  • My mom jogs in the park every weekend.
  • She often goes to the movies on Friday. 
  • Mrs. Eva takes a bus to work.

The simple present tense is also used to state facts

  • The sun sets every evening.
  • Kangaroos live in the Australia. 
  • Cats love playing with ball.
  • The moon goes around the earth. 
  • Ibiza is an island.

Use the simple present tense to talk about things that will happen in the future.

  • My little brother starts school tomorrow. 
  • The new nightclub opens this Saturday. 
  • Next week I go on holiday to Nepal.
  • We fly to Barcelona on Sunday. 
  • The bus leaves in five minutes.
  • My family moves to a new house next weekend. 

am, is and are

The words am, is and are are the simple present forms of the verb be.

  • Use am with the pronoun I
  • Use is with singular nouns like ‘my dad’ and ‘the teacher’, and with the pronouns he, she and it
  • Use are with plural nouns like ‘my parents’ and ‘Jenny and Mary’, and with the pronouns we, you and they
I am fourteen.The friend are asleep. 
I am in the saloon.Laptoops are very expensive.
My dad is very tired today.My sister and I are upstairs.
The friend is tall.We are in our saloon.
He is also pretty.You are my best friend.
Our cat is black.You and John are my best friends.

Simple Present Tense Examples

  • People drive on the left side of the road in England. 
  • He loves me. 
  • We live in Rome. 
  • I go to work everyday. 
  • I love her too. 
  • You go to holiday every summer.

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